Did You Come Here From Facebook?

Cool. Welcome. There’s a chance, because of Facebook’s new Terms of Service that you’ll see less descriptive information about my blog posted on Facebook. Seems Facebook now owns anything we publish on there, indefinitely. While I could give a rat’s ass if they own my status updates, I’m not particularly intrigued with the idea of them owning my writing or photography. (Not that I’m overly skilled in either arena, but that’s not the point. Have you read some of the shit that gets published? Trust me. I’m not the least skilled writer out there.) Facebook’s founder says to just trust him, but…well…we all know how that can turn out.

Now, if you want to make sure you get your Califmom fix without depending on Facebook, pop over to the sidebar on my blog(s) and click the subscribe link of your choosing. If you want to receive my posts via email, click the subscribe via email link. If you use a feed reader (you’ll know if you do), click the subscribe in a reader button. Painless, really. You can do this for any or all of my three blogs (Califmom, CalifmomHomeschools, CalifmomReviews).

Now, back to our regularly scheduled snark.

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Fame Online

I love finding out my favorite authors, musicians, or other 'celebrities' have an online presence, especially when it's in their own voice. It's rare, but so enjoyable when you can develop a social connection to people whose work you admire. It's also nice to find out they're human. I mean, you know they are, but it's nice just the same.

Twitter has been one place I've enjoyed finding some of my favorite celebs. I'm not going to give out their @names because it feels a little stalkerish, even more so than me stalking them twitter, but I will totally tell you that Dave Matthews, Lance Armstrong, John Hodgman, and Adam Savage are the real deal.

On Facebook, I even found John Elder Robison, Augusten Burroughs' brother, and the author of "Look Me In The Eye," a must read for anyone who's dealing with Asperger's. He also has a personal blog, which is fabulous, and totally him.

By putting themselves 'out there' with the rest of us, using social media like the rest of us, not just as a publicity tool, it lets me know what kind of people they are.


And I like that.

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