Clutch No 22 - Palmer And Sons Designs: Drool


Clutch No 22 - Palmer And Sons Designs

I used to have a separate blog called CalifmomFinds where I'd feature cool/unique/beautiful/quirky products I found while "widow" shopping online. Now that Pinterest exists, I'm retiring Finds and rolling those old posts into my main blog, so they won't be gone forever, and I might feature a few here as I am reminded of some of the beautiful things I found along the way. In the meantime, I was reminded of Palmer and Sons Designs when I archived this old post. As I popped over to update some links, I fell in love with this clutch they now offer and just had to share. Dangerous stuff, that window shopping. $235

Nailed It: My Recent Nail Art Attempts

It's been a while since I've posted a collection of nail art pics for your perusal and enjoyment/critique/inspiration. Here are a few of my recent attempts at "art." I am by no means a professional. I wing it. I learn as I go. I google for inspiration and search Pinterest like a crazed fiend.

I frequently end up taking off everything right after I finish because I either don't like it or have screwed something up to the point of irreparability. If you try this at home, be kind to yourself and keep all of that in mind. Have fun with it. It's just polish. You'll get better the more you do it. When I started I couldn't put on a plain coat of polish without getting it all over. Hell, sometimes I still can't.

Monkeying around with my nails. #monkey #banana #nails #nailart

Monkeys and bananas.

Roof nails. #nailart #nails

Green with blue glitter. As painted on the roof. As you do.

Labor Day #nails #red #blue

Red and aqua with glitter. Because Uhmeruhkuh! And Bling!

Needed a little sparkle. #nails

Red bling. Thanks to OPI and the Muppets.

My attempt at back-to-school nail art. #nails #nailart #pencil #paper

Notepads and pencils. School nails.

Decades of Dysfunctional Rock Solid Cherry Bombs #nails

Hollywood nails. Or Hollyweird. Your call. I just paint 'em.

Blame @expat_erin. I should be building kitchens, not painting my nails. #nails #ombre #glitter

End of summer mermaid blues.

So, The Thing About Me Is...

In college, you could always tell it was finals week by how clean my apartment would get. I could have had the Queen over for tea. I'm also fairly positive I chose finals week to refinish an antique dresser. Don't get me wrong, I still got great grades, I just procrastinate like a mother fucker.

Want proof? Check out my blog. Notice any changes?

Yeah, I thought my stress level was just about right for migrating nearly eight years worth of posts and three blogs (haven't moved the homeschooling site, yet, but you can see the others by clicking up there at the top on Finds and Reviews and Califmom, which is this one, duh, you knew that already) to a new blogging platform Friday afternoon.

Why? Because I thought Finslippy's site looked cool. And then I noticed it was hosted on Squarespace, which wasn't any more expensive for me than Typepad, plus I got sucked in by the pretty bells and whistles and OH SO SIMPLE design tools and back-end goodies that, well, yeah...that's what I did.

I avoided moving IRL by moving online, which was nearly as much of a white-knuckle experience, but for wholly different and much more palatable reasons.

I did lose some of the comments from my most recent post, which makes me sad, but that's the worst of the fallout as far as I can tell. I'll still be tweaking things of the next few weeks, so hang tight.

Otherwise, click and poke around. See what you think, but be gentle. I am a fragile flower lately. I swear I'll suit up in the armor again shortly.

A New Look For A New Chapter: Black Is The New Black

Peanut has been wanting to paint her room black for, well, forever. And because I’m all about letting my kids do crazy shit like EXPRESS THEMSELVES (Oh. My. God.) in creative and safe ways like dying their hair and painting their walls, we set to work getting rid of the cotton-candy pink that no longer fit my maturing 12-year-old:


Peanut rolled.

cutting in

I cut in.

And then she ditched me to go watch Monday Night Football. The Hell? So, I kept rolling and brushing and before I knew it, I couldn’t see shit because OMG, it’s was really dark in there.

But, we fixed that.

windowWhite window coverings to reflect some light.

chair A turquoise blue chair from my grandmother to give our pets a place to snooze. Mirrors to make her small room feel a little bigger and reflect more light.


More of those butterflies, a symbol of rebirth and and a reminder of the butterfly we found the day of Daddy’s funeral. (The shadow from her chandelier is kind of cool, too.)


Oh, there’s that emo kid. I think she kind of likes what we’ve done with the place, so far. It’s a work-in-progress, just like us. More furniture to paint and bring back into the space, but overall, it’s an all new room for a new chapter in our lives.

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BlogHer Or BUST

Well, there are going to be a lot of busts there, actually. A couple thousand, to be exact.

IMG_6391Today, my butt (and my bust) will be boarding a flight for New York City. (Please say that with your very best Pace Picante Salsa commercial voice. It makes me feel special.)

And, if you see me in NYC, be sure to ask for one of my GORGEOUS new cards, made by the talented Alina Smith of (psst…you should have her do your design stuff. She’s the shiznit. And, like, affordable…cuz that’s how I roll.)

Let’s do this!

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CalifmomFinds: Rummy Babbits (or bunnies, if you prefer)

Easter is a comin’, and that right there is one cute rummy babbit. If this little felted chocolate dude doesn’t make your socks go up and down, check out the rest of my bunny finds down below. Perhaps you need an Easter goodie, or maybe your just a bunny lover. Plushes, pillows, and paintings below. And, be sure to check out these artists other offerings. I had a tough time choosing favorites.

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CalifmomFinds: Vintage Spearmint Clip Earrings

I love to use vintage clip earrings in unexpected ways.

Clip them through buttonholes on jacket or shirt cuffs for a little bling.

Slip one onto a heavy silver necklace for a one-of-a-kind pendant. (Okay, technically one-of-two if you have the pair of them, but you get my drift.)

Dress up a pair of plain ballet flats by clipping them on the toe.

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Finds: Mint-Chocolate Chip Flower Pin and Other Goodies

I’m trying out a new feature on my blog. You’ll have to let me know what you think.

In the sidebar of CalifmomReviews I feature my online finds. These range from fashion to tech gadgets. I may be the only one who thinks they’re cool, but maybe not.

Therefore, I’ve decided to share a few of them here. I’ll be posting a few in this post, but will probably just post a few each week, as I stumble upon them.

I’d love to have your feedback.

I switched our family off of the plastic goods awhile ago, and we no longer have babies in the house, but this thinkbaby set was just too cool to pass up. If you know someone expecting, or have little ones yourself, this would be a great feeding set.

These Alpaca Celestial Scarf sets are so fun. I love the shape of the hats. Not your average beanie. I mean, I’m all for looking like a pinhead in the name of warmth…but you know. The circles, so cool. Makes me think of squid tentacles. In a good way. I love me some sea creatures.

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Olives Under Your Pillow? Blame Your Brother

It’s about time for another peek at the funky design features of this ol’ house and the stuff I’ve stuffed into it. Don’t ya think? No? Tough shit.

That’s the beauty of it being my blog, not yours. You may not have to read it, but I get to indulge my whims at my whim.

When I was visiting with T last week in beautiful San Diego, we were discussing olives. Why wouldn’t we be? I was having a dirty martini at Dick’s Last Resort. Dirty martinis contain olives. My dirty martinis contain three olives. The really good ones contain olives stuffed with bleu cheese. Oh, yes they do.

T doesn’t like bleu cheese. I’m sad for T.

T of SendChocolate

Bug likes to put jars of olives under Peanut’s pillow. For fun. He’s twelve. It makes sense to him.

It does not make sense to Peanut.

It makes Hubs laugh, especially after finding out it wasn’t me accidentally leaving a jar of olives under Peanut’s pillow.

Hello! Just how spacey does he think I am?

Anyway, back to the olives. The reason, I theorized, that Bug chose a jar of olives as his instrument of torture for his sister was because he regularly bumps into the bar cart, jostling the jar of olives. This annoys him. Hence, he removed the jar from the bar cart and needed a place to stash the offending olives. Under his sister’s pillow. Makes sense.

T was impressed that we have a bar cart. She wants to see proof.

In the name of design and honesty, I offer you proof.

Deco Bar Cart

Vintage Art Deco Bar Cart

See how relaxed T looks now that she’s seen the bar cart? It does that to me too.

relaxed T

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Quilted Bliss


I love Etsy. Have I mentioned that here? Maybe once or twice? Anyway, I was browsing around this morning and came across some fabulous quilts, all by different people. I just had to share. See what you think. (The widget I used in this post will most likely get screwed up in the future, and I don't know how to get around that other than to provide a jpg of the quilts, which I've done up above.)

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

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Glimpses into My Home

I had no trouble dissing my house in a fit of depression a couple weeks ago. My poor house. It's not its fault. It does a great job of shelter us and the like. It even has little spots that shine--spots that make me smile. I thought I'd share a few of those spots with you all.


I love having bowls of fresh fruit. These white peaches, pluots, and nectarines are like heavenly nectar. They are so juicy you have to eat them over the sink and hose yourself off afterward. Plus, they're purdy.

Kitchen Kitsch

While I'm eating the aforementioned juicy fruit, this is the view to the right. When we remodeled the kitchen over 8 years ago, I knew I wanted these shelves, I just didn't know what I was going to put on them. Now I do. Two of the shelves hold vintage salt & pepper shakers from my mother's childhood collection. The top shelf shakers are a miniature mixer with the beaters serving as the S & P. Next to the mixer is a washer/dryer set. The lower shelf of shakers are a toaster with black and white slices of toast serving as the shakers, and next to the toaster are two tiny coffee pots on a miniature warming plate.

Face Off

This little face greets me any time I need a pen or scissors. Peanut made her in a clay class she took from an amazing woman. You can't look at that face and have a bad day. (Well, you can, but it takes some effort.) That's it for the happy kitchen pics, let's move on to the rest of the digs.


My father is an electrician by trade and a collector by genetic make-up. These vintage insulators once graced the tops of electrical poles. Now, they line the ledge in my foyer. I love the colors and shapes.

The Family Jewels

I hate jewelry boxes. Why? Because I never open them to get the jewelry out. I need to see what I have in order to remember I might want to wear it. My mother gave me these pieces of silver that had belonged to my grandparents. They looked unused when I got them, but I've let them tarnish as they do duty holding my baubles.

Do you have little spots in your home that bring you joy?

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Something New

I've decided to try using an offline editing tool for writing my blog posts. After careful review (done by someone else, Thank GOD), I'm trying out Windows Live Writer.

This is the crap that happens when you are a night owl. While the rest of the family is snoring away, you spend too much time screwing around with your blog.

Next thing you know, you've tweaked a few things here and there, adjusted some column widths, changed a color or two. Then, WHAM-O! It looks like a whole new blog. 

I'm certain this is my new version of rearranging the furniture--something I used to do regularly, but haven't done in months.

Check out the new tweaks, see what you think. If you don't like it, stick around. It's sure to change.

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Ms. Thang

Ms. Thang, originally uploaded by califmom.

This is what happens when you spend too much time indoors, avoiding laundry. You start photographing knickknacks.

Meet Ms. Thang. She lives atop the roll-top secretary that flanks my side of the bed. I met her downtown in a (now defunct) gift shop. It was their final day in business, and Ms. Thang was lookin' to get outta there; make a new start for bobble-headed self.

She doesn't care that it's not Christmas. To her, every day deserves a little bling.

This post brought to you by two unwashed loads of laundry.

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Must Have

I really need one of these. I'd hang it in my bedroom or living room, depending on the pattern I chose. I just can't decide which one and which bank to rob to pay for it. They are incredibly unique and the patterns the artist has chosen make the decision even more difficult. Love! Love! Love!

Source: Ruby's Lounge on Etsy




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Most Gorgeous Hand-picked on Etsy

Hand-picked items Picked by blockpartypress
Golden - original woodcut print
ceramic pear
White Flowers in Blue Vases
felt flower hairstick
yellow oval tree
Artwear Tops Oh Mr Squirrel You Had Me At Hello 3Quarter Sleeve Ringer Tee Size Medium One Size Fits Most (See Shop for Size Small)
Run Around Flowers
TERRAIN III  (Verdigris) Original Mixed Media painting, 12 x 12
Felted Flowery Hair Clip
Horse of a Different Color
Stormy Sea Pottery Serving Bowl - large
Lately Handspun Yarn
The MOST gorgeous colors, don't you think? I love buying things from Etsy, and this color palette makes it even more tempting. For those Etsy virgins out there, Etsy is an online craft bazaar where you can find and sell handmade and unique items. You'll find everything from vintage pottery to one-of-a-kind wedding gowns. Crafters from all over the world pedal their wares on Etsy. They even have a feature called shop local, which allows you to locate items available from sellers in your area.
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Unable to Leave Well* Enough Alone

I've been dicking around with my blog format again. Hey, at least the furniture hasn't moved in a week or two. I had a few reasons for doing this and would love it if those who read via email or rss feeds would take a moment to pop over to califmom proper for a peek.

One important addition is a link to an upcoming event and fundraiser in memory of my friend Kelly Shea Gallo who lost her battle with breast cancer just before her 36th birthday. The 4-year anniversary of her loss is upon us next month. Her friends and family are establishing a foundation, Kelly's Causes, to support those causes for which Kelly had enormous passion.

*Oh, wise Editor Friends (here to for EFs), you know your it "well enough alone" or "good enough alone"? Post in the comments, please. I am losing sleep over this one and given my failure at locating a concise answer on the Internets, some poor soul might benefit from your net-accessible remarks. Now, back to our regular broadcast.

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