Boys And Girls: An Experiment In Conditioning

The little boys who live next door are forever throwing their balls over into our yard, and our girls are forever throwing them back over the fence. The boys decided this is a fun game, and started intentionally hitting tennis balls over the fence with a racquet, some of which have cleared the house, but most have collected in our courtyard. 


At first, our dog thought mana was falling from the sky. He'd run around the yard, his little Lhasa jaw unhinged, carrying each ball back to his dog house, but then it got to be overwhelming. Even a dog has his limits, and though he's never seen Hoarders, he could sense this was going to lead to An Issue if he didn't draw the line.

The boys, however, have no such boundary. The balls keep coming. 

The girls stopped throwing them back long ago.

And so our courtyard has taken on the appearance of Wimbledon sans ball boy.

Once in a while, one of the girls will throw a ball for the dog, and he'll jog off the grab it, sit down, and stare back at the child. She'll pick up another and throw that one. The cycle repeats. Ad infinitum. Truly. AD INFINITUM. ALL OF THE TENNIS BALLS. We have them. Also, one very confused dog.

Outtakes: Labor Day 2012

We're a unique couple. #casabesttogether

I guess I could call this post fruits and veggies, but it's just a couple of snaps from the weekend—a working weekend. Lots to do here at Casa Best Together. The garden is ready for fall planting and, as you can see, we had a bit of a zucchini harvest. Carl (nee Charlie) has suited up to assist with renovations on the homestead. Safety is crucial even for the four-legged among us. Or maybe I just like to see what I can get him to wear on his face. He's a good sport.Safety first on the job site. #lhasa

The never-ending sprinkler repairs continue. Oh, the joys of half-acre irrigation, legacy systems, and wells. There's got to be a special place in hell for people who plant non-native trees and plants. Slowly we'll get that remedied. In the meantime, we'll enjoy their shade and hope they don't do too much damage.



Phoning It In WIth Faux Toes

IMG 0092

We went for a short run during Peanut's riding time this week. So nice to get our run in early before the heat hit.

IMG 0069

My cabana boy does good work. He's passionate about his job. Also, easy on the eyes. 

Photo on 8 10 12 at 3 14 PM  2

Sometimes you are left questioning the budget of certain retailers whose catalogs arrive in your mailbox. Way to buck that economic downturn, Needless Markup! 

IMG 0030

Life. Lemons. Vodka.

Thank you for stopping in for this installment of "Phoning it in with Faux Toes."

It's All Good In The Garden

Garden Porn #organic #garden #stuffigrew #noms

The garden is in full swing. We have tomatoes on the verge of ripeness—my first foray into the heirloom varietals, and I can't wait! Our snow peas have been producing just enough to keep the kids picking and eating them before we can get them to the house, which makes my heart all melty. Honestly, I'd be happy if all of the garden treats were eaten by the kids before they make it indoors. Isn't that the fun of having a garden? (Plus, I'm just as guilty of picking and eating when I'm out there tending to things.) Today's haul was a basket full of zucchini. The kids were ready to eat it raw, but I held them off with strawberries.

Fairy gardens #casabestogether

The fairy gardens are holding their own, too. Each one is unique and shows a little bit of the personality of the child who created it. 


Things What I Enjoy: A List Of Sorts And Kinds

  • Teaching tiny humans to spot bovine and equine on grass-covered hills.Hill bovine = hovine
  • The sound of traffic rolling up to and away from a four-way stop from my bedroom windows.
  • Excited children picking snow peas and strawberries to eat from our garden, before we can even get them to the house.Garden porn. #strawberries #organic #casabesttogether
  • A child sniffing the bark on one of our Ponderosa Pine trees to see if it smells like vanilla or butterscotch, but deciding it smells like cookies—I'd never thought of cookies in all my tree-sniffing years in the Sierras.

Clearly a sign from God. #Hangar1Vodka #blimp