Pink Chocolate Butterflies

When you're asked to make pink butterfly cupcakes, you make pink butterfly cupcakes because, well,  that's kind of your thing.

If I didn't enjoy the challenge, I wouldn't ask the kids what they wanted for their birthday cakes. And if I didn't have a daughter (with an equally willing sidekick of a BFF) to help with the baking, I wouldn't be quite so fortunate to pull off these little feats. An enormous debt of gratitude to Peanut and Totes Ameghan for their tasty chocolate cupcakes (and cake, for the actual factual birthday!) and delectable buttercream frosting. 

Chocolate butterflies.

The original source for these cupcakes came from a book, Hello, Cupcake!, which I have never read, but I have read the blog post at Annie's Eats that the book inspired, which also inspired me to create my own interpretation for our littlest person's birthday party this past weekend. It was the first time I'd done anything serious with chocolate, and it was actually pretty fun, once I worked out the kinks. And they were a big hit with the party goers! A++ would make again!


Bunnies And Birthdays And Such

We had a rather action-packed Spring Break. I forgot to tell y'all what we did, so I've decided to show you, instead.

Have eggs. Let's hunt. #easter

Eggs were hidden

Happy Easter #bettertogether

by sly Easter bunnies.

Another birthday. Another cake. Finishing touches not yet applied. #birthday #cake #butterfly

A birthday girl celebrated her birthday with a specially requested butterfly cake.

Pale Moon #nofilter

And as we returned to our work week, we enjoyed a quiet moment together,


then a lunch of crispy chicken tacos at Cactus (still not a taco truck at the dump, but hey, it's hard to compete with that kind of ambience).



OMG Bacon Cupcakes

I made two (yes, two) visits to Heavenly Cupcake while in San Diego. The first day, T and I ordered four cupcakes to go. I got a red velvet for me and a s'mores for Hubs. T got a dark chocolate for her and an orange chip for her hubby.

This morning, rather than eat a typical breakfast, my feet took matters into their own hands? feet? toes? soles? and carried my butt back to Heavenly Cupcake where I ordered some of their organic coffee and a carrot cupcake. Oh, the yummy.

They even serve shots of frosting. Should you feel the need.

All this cupcakey-ness got me thinking.

What about bacon cupcakes?

And then, I was led to this recipe. Can you think of anything more divine?

Vanilla Garlic: Maple Bacon Cupcakes with Maple Frosting.

I cannot.

Must bake some.

Must eat some.

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It's Official -- Bug Turned 12

Despite the many books we piled on Bug's head, he awoke yesterday morning and informed me that while he did not feel older, he felt a bit taller. He's certainly bigger than he was that first Christmas, propped up under the tree.IMG00234

Traditionally, I make the kids a cake of their choosing (design and flavor). However, as they've gotten older their tastes have migrated more toward non-traditional birthday cakes. This year, Bug decided he wanted a cheesecake...and because he was feeling "generous this holiday season" (his words, I swear), it should be a store bought cheesecake. My grandmother, I'm quite certain, did at least one flip in her grave. Me? I high-fived the kid.

For his birthday dinner, Bug chose pizza delivery. Again, I gave the kid major kudos. You can't teach this kind of stuff. It has to come from within.

Now, for the birthday haul. He did well. Bug got a cool fistfull of dollars from the grandparents, which we'll be taking to the local toy store later today in hopes of adding to his Webkinz collection. God knows, you can't have enough stuffed animals from China, but at least we're buying them at a locally owned toy store. Right?

From his sister, he got a Marshmallow Shooter and a bag of miniature marshmallows. Because, if you're going to have a rapid-fire gun, it should shoot something sweet and edible. At least, that's what the dogs determined.

From Obo and Bahtah (my parents) he also scored a Fly Stick. Way cool use of static electricity that provided much entertainment getting stuck to the ceiling, us, the pets, and the Xmas tree.

From Hubs and me, he got a custom kiwi bird hoodie from Etsy and Spore, which he's installing as I type.

When I tucked my new 12 year-old into bed last night, we wound down watching a Discovery Education live-streaming high school program on Macro Economics. Why? Because he wanted to. Guess who fell asleep watching it? Not him. Seems I find the subject just as engaging as I did in college.

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