Ultra Flippin' Fabulous

I found out that there really is a Santa Claus, and her name is Geekmommy. She hosted a little contest over at her place for a Flip Ultra Video Cam.

I entered, because why wouldn't you? Unless you already have one, I guess, but I don't. Quite frankly, I'm also a little tired of trying to film Bug's football practices and games in 2 second increments on my regular camera. It eats up all my card space, and generally looks like I shot the footage on a still camera.

Check out Geekmommy's announcement, kids, and get ready for some flippin' fun*, because you'll be watching a whole lot more video on califmom in the months to come!

Winner Flip Cam Contest on 12seconds.tv

*Did you catch The Funny right there? Let me help you. It was a play on words. See, the camera is a Flip Ultra, and I used the word "flippin'" to describe it. That's funny. If you don't think that's funny, you need a flippin' vacation. Better yet, join me on mine where I'll be shooting my beach time with my Flip Ultra. Oh, yeah!

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I'd Like to Thank the Academy


After 4 years of blogging, I've won my first award. T's Feet at BlogHer08

My BlogHer buddy, T, over at Send Chocolate, took it upon herself to include me on a list of bloggers the likes of which I can only dream of becoming. (Well, except for Backpacking Dad. I have no dreams of having my own, attached, penis--detachable, maybe.)

Now, it is my turn to bestow this prestigious award upon others. Here's my list, in no particular order. Following the list, are THE RULES. (You knew there'd be rules. There are always rules when you win stuff. It's the law. I think.)

I decided to go with a few blogs that make my socks go up and down, but may not be on your everyday platter-o-blogs. Enjoy!

The Rules (which I'm putting into fine print, because I want the winners to squint, and because rules are supposed to be in fine print.):

  1. The winners can put the logo on their blogs.
  2. Link to the person you received your award from.
  3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
  4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
  5. Leave a message on the blogs you’ve nominated.
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