New Kid On The Block

She's not particularly new to me. I've known her since that dreaded period of life we call Middle School. We've painted the town a few colors in our day.


(Despite appearances, we do not have a skin condition in our navel region. Those are lips. Duh.)

Now, we're moms. But, while I planned neither of my children, ('planned' is such a strong word--I wanted the hell out of them, just not planned by me, so much) she's planned for and expecting her fifth. Seems she digs the babies.


If you want to find out what a former (I prefer retired) French and English teacher, mildly-crunchy, cloth-diapering gal, binging up her brood in a reddish state as a cycling widow finds fun to blog about, pop your butt over to The Blog of Clay, and meet my friend, Hillary.

Shit, she's already posted more than I have this year. And she has better hair.

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