Diamonds Of The Deceased

As I do most mornings, I checked my email this morning. One of them was form submission via my blog from a person telling me their site had selected my blog for a Top Single Parenting Blog award. Here is the email, with identifying information removed, because I don't want to drive any traffic their way, and you'll see why in a minute.

On Monday, July 22, 2013, Squarespace Services wrote:

This email was transmitted via

Submitted from address XXXX.


Your Name: Ms. L
Your Email: XXX@XXXX
Subject: 5 Diamond Blogger award Winner
Message: CalifMom has been named a Top Single Parenting Blog!

We wanted to let you know that you have been awarded a one of our Five Diamond Blogger Awards.

Please take a moment to check out your blog’s profile on the XXXXX page.

We culled through thousands of blogs and received hundreds of nominations before we finalized our top blogger awards, and we are pleased to be able to include you on the list.

In addition to recognition on our website, you can grab the Five Diamond Badge and put in on your sidebar or footer, and feel free to write a post or otherwise let your readers know that you have received this award.

Here is the text for the badge:
<p align="center"><a href='XXXXX'><img src='XXXXX' alt='Top Single Parenting Blogger Award' width='150' height='150' border='0' /></a></p>

Here are instructions for posting the badge:

Here is a link to the announcement award announcement page:

Congratulations again!


Ms. L.

Interesting, I thought. I'd never heard of the site, so I cautiously followed the link. I read their synopses of my blog and a few others I recognized. I cringed at the grammatical errors. And then I read more about the company and site itself. The site is a business that makes its money buying and selling the diamond rings of the deceased, their widows and widowers, and the divorced. Their tagline is something about finding the bright side in your tragedy by making a buck off your diamonds. 

Yes. I'm serious. 

No. I won't post a link, but I'm pretty sure you can find the site without much effort.

And yes, I wrote a reply.

Hi Ms. L,

Before I accept this "award" or post a badge on my blog, it's important to me to understand more about your company and what you sell. 
I took a few moments to read the synopses you'd written about my blog and those of some of my fellow bloggers. Aside from the extensive grammatical errors, it was clear to me that this wasn't about our blogs' content, per se, as much as it was about our blogs' content complementing your company's advertising needs. And that's tacky. 
Do you work for free, Ms. L? Maybe you do. I don't know. I can tell you something about myself; I don't work for free. My time is valuable, and the space on my blog is available only to those who earn that privilege. 
Your company's backhanded attempt to find free ad space for, of all the classless things, diamonds of the deceased and widowed on the blog of a widow!!, was a complete failure. 
I surely can't change your business model, but I do hope you'll consider a change to your PR. If you contacted all of those other widows and widowers as you contacted me, it is likely you have more damage control on your hands, whether they contact you directly or not. 
For shame,