Why I Care So Much About HPV

Some of you might know why I started blogging nine years ago; most of you probably have no idea. Teaser: HPV was involved. And children. And death.

A brief history:
In the spring of 1996 a group of women formed a listserv for mothers with due dates in December of 1996. I joined that group along with about 250 other women around the world.

As you all know, online communities are a powerful thing. Our group dwindled in size over the years, but we still hover around 30-40 members. We've met in person many times, had reunions with our families, spa weekends with each other, attended weddings and funerals.

In early 2004 one of our moms from the group started a blog. A handful of us joined her in starting our own blogs. Two of us have remained consistently active bloggers since then. The original mom has not.

Her blog was started as part memoir and part update for those of us in the far reaches of the world who couldn't be with her as she lived out her final days with cervical cancer.

Her son and my son are the same age. They are both children who have lost parents to cancer. One of those cancers now has a vaccine. Vaccinating my children increases the odds a child won't lose a parent to cancer.