Nailed It: My Recent Nail Art Attempts

It's been a while since I've posted a collection of nail art pics for your perusal and enjoyment/critique/inspiration. Here are a few of my recent attempts at "art." I am by no means a professional. I wing it. I learn as I go. I google for inspiration and search Pinterest like a crazed fiend.

I frequently end up taking off everything right after I finish because I either don't like it or have screwed something up to the point of irreparability. If you try this at home, be kind to yourself and keep all of that in mind. Have fun with it. It's just polish. You'll get better the more you do it. When I started I couldn't put on a plain coat of polish without getting it all over. Hell, sometimes I still can't.

Monkeying around with my nails. #monkey #banana #nails #nailart

Monkeys and bananas.

Roof nails. #nailart #nails

Green with blue glitter. As painted on the roof. As you do.

Labor Day #nails #red #blue

Red and aqua with glitter. Because Uhmeruhkuh! And Bling!

Needed a little sparkle. #nails

Red bling. Thanks to OPI and the Muppets.

My attempt at back-to-school nail art. #nails #nailart #pencil #paper

Notepads and pencils. School nails.

Decades of Dysfunctional Rock Solid Cherry Bombs #nails

Hollywood nails. Or Hollyweird. Your call. I just paint 'em.

Blame @expat_erin. I should be building kitchens, not painting my nails. #nails #ombre #glitter

End of summer mermaid blues.