How To Help: You Have To Eat

When we were in the throes of grieving, food made such a difference. I know it took a lot of coordination behind the scenes on the part of many to make it come together, but it meant so much for us to have those meals, no matter how simple or complex. 

And sometimes that help came from the most surprising places and people, sometimes people I didn't know and had never met, so I'm going to ask here for a favor in case there's someone out there reading who is feeling the need to give to another family in need.

I met Elaine in college and we reconnected after Bob's death. She has taken on the task of coordinating meals for a father and his two daughters. The family was in the midst of relocating to California for the father's job when his wife, 8 months pregnant, was killed in during the drive out here. He and his two daughters are now in California, in a new place, without Mom or the baby they were soon expecting. 

I know people often said they couldn't imagine my pain when Bob died, and I cannot imagine this family's pain. What I can do is give them food. It's a simple thing. It's an important thing. And sometimes that's all we can do.

Elaine has set up a site to collect the funds needed to have a month's worth of dinners prepared by Dream Dinners—an absolutely fabulous idea because there are some days when you're fine and some when you just can't get it together. (If you aren't familiar with the Dream Dinners concept, check them out. I love the concept and relied on something similar, especially when we were living in and out of hospitals and doctors offices.) 

When I last checked, we were 33% of the way toward meeting the goal of providing a month of meals for this dad and his two little girls. I think it would be very easy for us to hit 100%, don't you? Give a dollar or give a bunch of dollars, if you're able. And give somebody you love a hug. 

Meals for family that lost Mother in car accident


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I'm collecting money towards a month of meals for a family that lost their mom (and her unborn child - she was 8 months pregnant) in a tragic car accident last week during a cross country move. The meals are for the dad and their 2 young daughters and will come from Dream Dinners fully ready to cook. Contributions of any amount (even $5 will help!) can be made online
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September 16, 2012