I Googled Bible Chicken Today

It was that kind of day. It ended with me forgetting to take the blue pill. That sounds very Matrix-y, but it's more Vitamin-y, and is why I'm up typing a blog post in the wee hours when I should be sleeping. Did you know the Bible only talks about chickens, officially, like one time, and not as a food? ME NEITHER! But I do now. I also clarified, at one point in the evening, that I wasn't applying for the position of God. This was in no way related to the chicken Googling earlier in the day. It wasn't even a religion thing. Frankly, I blame Twitter. Then I was discussing circumcision, but only as it related to chicken. Yeah. Do the math on that one. I told you it was a weird day. Try living in my head. It's even scarier in there; I have to manage the filing system. Did I mention it was over 100°F today? I was not designed for heat. My people are a northern European design. Our national attire is fashioned from wool. Our skin is blue. We only do sun for half the year, really. We can't commit to a full year of the UV. It's too much. I think I need some sardines. Or that blasted blue pill.