Things What Peeve Me: Also A List

I did not want my list of likes to get lonely, as lists are wont to do, so I came up with this complementary list of things that peeve me. 

  • Unflushed toilets—just, TMI. I don't need to know that about you. If you're old enough to skip the diaper, you're old enough to master the flush. Say, "Bye! Bye! to Mr. Brown, and flush him down!"
  • Closed windows on cool days—I am so very cranky when I don't get fresh air.
  • When a question is asked that has already been answered—ask once, listen for the answer.
  • Likewise, repeating myself—did you listen?
  • Flies indoors—this is why we have doors and screens, thank you very much. Close what you open.
  • People who can't merge—EVERY. OTHER. CAR. It's not rocket science, people. You're not racing NASCAR nor is this a parking lot. Keep it moving in an orderly fashion and nobody gets hurt.
  • The mistaken use of "yea" when people mean "yeah"—are you voting in a bill on the House floor or casually saying yes? Know the difference.
  • Captioning photos as "So-and-so and I" when it should be "So-and-so and Me"—you wouldn't say here's a picture of "I." You'd say here's a picture of "Me." Simple rule to help you remember. So the next time you post a picture of yourself with some sexy beast, you'll know how to caption it. Right?Wine tasting

My boyfriend and me, wine tasting.