Going To Bed Salsa

We crawl into bed. I ask for room for my legs. Not for right now. Right now they'll be wrapped up with yours. But later I'll need to stretch, and they'll need room. And I ask for our Starting Point to be closer to Your Side.

You ask for Hugs And Snuggle Time to be now, for just a bit, before I sneak off for a bubble bath like I sometimes do when I can't sleep. Just for a bit, you say.

We do this Going To Bed Salsa.

We negotiate.

This is how we do.

We find our Starting Point. A little closer to Your Side than before.

I skip the bubble bath because Hugs And Snuggle Time relaxes me as I start to hear the rain rhythmically dropping on the skylight, joining the dance.

As you drift off to sleep, our legs slip apart, and I stretch into the space left behind.