Humpday Nails

I used to pay to get my nails done. Then, I'm not sure if I got lazy or creative, but suddenly I began taking an interest in doing them myself. First, pedicures, then my fingernails.

It's becoming an obsession, this nail thing. Santa even brought me brushes.

Initially, it looked like I'd had a triple latte before doing it. Then, I got a little better. Then, I decided to get really crazy and start painting fun designs on my nails and my daughter's. Then her friends' started asking for fun stuff. So, the trend began.

I made snowflakes! Sorta kinda.

I'm not great, but it's fun. We keep experimenting and coming up with new things to try. I got some special brushes for Christmas that make it a whole lot easier, and YouTube is full of great tutorials and ideas. It also helps that Sephora is a mile from my house. So handy. (See what I did there?)

Kermit nails.


Cookie monster fingernails.

Keep in mind, I'm an amateur with a certified hand-tremor. It isn't perfect, but it's fun. Plus, I swear it lasts longer than what I'd get done at the salon. Also, MUPPETS! And CUPCAKES!

Cupcake time!

I even made a Pinterest board to fill with ideas, cuz, you know IDEAS.