Disqus Screwdus Upus And Mehkay


My comments are screwed up on my blog. That's the short version. Longer: I switched to Disqus because they have a more robust commenting system, which I ultimately prefer, but in the process, it has resulted in all prior comments becoming sort of "invisible." They aren't gone, because if nearly nine years of comments were missing, I'd be a wee bit sideways. I can still see all of the comments here behind the scene, they just don't display on the blog anymore, which doesn't please me. I either need to find a way to make them display, live with it, or return to the out-of-the-box commenting option that Squarespace offers. Meh. 

All this rain is making for lots of meh, except that for a brief while between raindrops, I took some pictures, and that wasn't meh. That was mehkay. This is sort of the entrance into the season of meh and mehkay for me. Buckle up, kids.