Butt Hut Door Installation Badge Unlocked: AKA I Like Power Tools

So, my cat's shit stinks. If you have a cat, his/her shit probably stinks, too. Most shit does. 

Anyway, since she's an indoor shitter, her litter box resides in one of our bathrooms in an unused closet. But, herein lies the problem. The closet has a door. Sometimes that door gets inadvertently closed. And then Toonces is left wandering about with her legs crossed trying to get our attention. Also, litter boxes, no matter how frequently you clean them, don't smell nice, and I've yet to see one that's cute.

Toonces says Happy Caturday.


A kitten-sized door in the closet door. 

You know what that meant?


First, I ordered a cat door from Amazon, because, well I have free Prime shipping, and I like to use that option to order things, have them arrive in two days, and then let them sit for two months. Don't judge. I got this one:


It did not come with that cat. It did, however, come with a handy dandy template I used to trace the area of the door I needed to cut away, complete with a bit of sticky tape at the top to hold the template in place while I ran around looking for a pen that would show up on the dark oak wood (a Sharpie ended up being the right pen for the job).

After a couple of 1-inch holes drilled to get the jigsaw in place for easier cutting, the wood was out of the way for installing the flap. I did have a hard time believing they really wanted me to drill such big holes for the screws (3/16"), but the screws aren't meant to grab the wood of the door you're going through, just the cat flap itself. Essentially, you're sandwiching the wood between the pet door halves, so you want holes big enough for the screws to slide right through and then grab the opposing side of the flap. Once that was done, I popped the screw covers on, and shoved Toonces through the flap to show her where she needed to enter to access her butt hut. Since her litter box already has a similar flap style, I don't think we'll encounter any issues with flap phobia.

Butt hut door installation badge unlocked.