Got a bored kid? Tired of hearing "I'M BOOOORRRRRREEEEDDDDDD."

"What can I doooooooo???????"

Here's what you need:

  • paper
  • crayons/pens/colored pencils/some kind of drawing implement or magazine pics or some such way to create pictures on the paper
  • container to put the pictures in (we used a coffee can from Trader Joe's)
  • stickers to decorate the container (totes optional)
  • bored kid or kids


  1. Have kid draw pictures of things s/he likes to do when not bored.
  2. Label each picture with the name of the activity so siblings don't look at the picture and go WTF? is this?
  3. Fold each picture so it fits into the container.


Bored child has now been inadvertently (yeah, right!) entertained for a good amount of time AND created entertainment for future I'M BORRRREDDDDD moments!

Next time a kid is bored, hand 'em the can, have 'em pick out an idea and get to it. Oh, she doesn't like the idea she chose? Get to drawing! Make some new ideas!