Touchdown Mermaid: Playing With The Big-Girl Camera

I have no idea what I'm doing with the big-girl camera, but I have fun.

attitude adjustment

I love the backs of flowers.



My sexy-ass BBQist. That look makes me all melty.

doing the wave

This mushroom looks a bit up-skirty. I hope she doesn't mind the invasion of privacy.

I'd have a picnic with you.

I love the way the sun was shooting through the corral slats and leaves from the fig tree. It felt other-wordly and magical to sneak in there and get the shot.

touchdown mermaid in repose

This is my touchdown mermaid. She's a slice of awesome from the Alameda Point Antiques Fair. She greets me at the door. Everybody should be welcomed home by a touchdown mermaid.


This is an apple. Well, I wanted to make sure you knew. Now you know for sure. It's growing on a tree in my yard. I plan to eat it if that asshole squirrel I caught out there the other night doesn't grab it first. I might make the dog sleep outside until apple season is over. Squirrels. Touching my apples. Totally unacceptable.