James Brown Rice And Egg Carton Caterpillars

And sometimes, no matter how many crafts they make out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners...

Peanut's Pet

No matter how many model airplanes they build...

model airplanes

There will still be moments when you find yourself standing in the kitchen, hugging a child who might be nearly your height or taller, sobbing because she misses daddy. There will still be moments when he tells you his life is hard, and it's not because he has Aspergers. It's not because he has Tourette Syndrome, because those are things he has learned to manage so very well over the past fourteen years. This. This is still fresh for him as he becomes a man. And late at night or when you least expect it, he needs his mom and he needs to talk. So we do. And she needs hugs. Lots of them. She was her Daddy's girl. We hug and we talk. We also make silly caterpillars and build model airplanes. When the mood strikes. We can be moody. We've earned it.

And sometimes, after a day like this, you look at the brown jasmine rice sitting on the counter and you swear it says James Brown Rice, which might inspire a certain food blogger you know to make some sort of fabulous recipe, especially if you tweet about your creative stupidity. (I hope he does. I'm fresh out of creative rice ideas at the moment.)