I wonder if it's possible to find true love based on the number of duplicate possessions a coupling produces. Think about it. Match.com is missing out on a huge opportunity here.

Even if what the two of you have is a set of redundant toilet augers, that's gotta mean something. Right? I know it means something in our case. Well, our toilet augers aren't identical, but come on. Toilet augers? How many chicks do you know with a toilet auger? I take my plumbing very seriously. In fact, I take a lot of tools very seriously. It's an area where the boyfriend and I have some much-appreciated and coveted duplicates. 

Other duplicates are more indicative of how well-suited we are for one another. From our DVDs to our KitchenAid Mixers, you can tell a lot about how we align in different areas. And it's not just about our interests, but about our values, how we think, the way we research our purchases, sense of humor, musical tastes, position on hair removal (WHAT?), how we spend our free time, the way we grew up, what our priorities are (hair removal, for example), and the breadth of our knowledge about topics that might not interest other people.

So, I'm telling you, dating sites are really missing out here. They should be playing a game of "how many duplicate items do you have between you" instead of those boring categories that get filled out with the same crap by every person. I don't know how many times I stuck a fork in my eye after reading about another guy who was into kayaking, camping, and traveling to Europe. And just how much wine can you taste? I'll tell you all about my wine interests while we grind some metal in the garage. That sounds like way more fun. Then we can compare socket sets or obscure plumbing tools.

(Ladies and Gents on the dating circuit, feel free to pimp this idea as a conversation starter for your Match/eHarmony/OKCupid trawling emails. I promise you it will weed out the duds and might result in some modicum of success, especially if you get the match rate up there. Anybody who cares to develop a DSS based on this theory should make a killing.)