The Littlest Things: Snooki In My Pond

His Christopher Walken impression as he reads to the kids,

Always bringing me a glass of water at bedtime along with his own,

Looking up and catching him watching me "do my thing,"

Thick slices of onion on my sandwich at lunchtime,

My dinner date.

A curl  of hair wrapped around my finger,

Feeding the fish in the pond and naming them after the Jersey Shore cast, (The Situation keeps running into the wall; if Ronnie gets any bigger we're BBQing his ass; Snooki has this really long dorsal fin, but I don't think it's real.)

My shubunkin.

Texting like we're passing notes in class...

These things are the little things that make the hard days so easy when we're together. When you have a person who makes you want to spend your moments with them, it takes the edge off the crapfest life occasionally flings your way. I'm glad I have that person because there's been some poo-flinging 'round here. 

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