Separating The Men From The Women: Home Waxing


My fingers are coated in wax. So is my man's lower back. Well, it was, until he whined like a chihuahua with its rhinestone collar stuck in the stroller wheel. Then I ripped the wax off and put some special cooling gel on his back.

Two sections.


That's what I got to do on him to even the score for him attempting to wax my vajay.

I look like a dog with mange. He has a smoothly waxed patch on his lower back.

He's snoring.

I finished my own ass waxing while he sleeps.

Boys are pussies.

Actually, given tonight's events, I'd have to retract that and say that boys are boys.

Pussies are some diesel shit.

Home waxing: doing Saturday date-night like a rock star!

You know you're jealous.

I'm seriously tempted to wax him while he sleeps, but he was such a good sport. I think he teared up while he was waxing me.