The Value Of A Staycation: More Than Money

We stayed put this summer. Between moving, merging households, and making sure that we don't overwhelm the people involved, we decided a staycation made far more sense then packing everyone onto a plane or into a car for a long drive to take a trip elsewhere.

Aside from the financial benefits of staying put, there are so many more reasons why making our home our homebase for the past two weeks made sense:

  • The Bay Area has SO MANY ACTIVITIES, we truly want for nothing, but rarely get to take advantage of it all on a daily basis;
  • Our new home is a great place to hang out, and we've all enjoyed being able to have uninterrupted time to kick back and enjoy it;
  • With our large brood, it's nice to have the space of a big house to sprawl out, find out nooks and crannies to explore, have our own beds for sleeping, bathrooms, and such;
  • Family has come to US, which has been a real treat. We've been able to enjoy visits from grandparents, and they've been able to enjoy the kids in their environment, enjoying their activities and daily life without the stress of traveling to a second location.

Bay Bridge

Pier 39 #playingtourist

This one's also sleepy. #playingtourist

Hanging out with family and friends.

Train thru chain-link

The fishies in our pond.

Secret Garden

Newish pond.

Rube Goldberg's wet dream

Dashboard Monk in a zen moment on 680 North.

Dashboard Monk was our fearless co-pilot for many of our adventures around the Bay. He was a tireless companion and entertainer. Thanks, Dashboard Monk.