Sanford And Sons: Getting There

Well, it's done. All of our things are in the new house. Actually, that's a bit of an exaggeration. All of our things are AT the new house. Some of them haven't made it inside yet because they're slated to exit the premises. Some haven't made it inside because they're on deck to go into longterm storage. Others, well, we just need to figure out where to put them. At least the limbo is all in one place now. It feels good.

Cleaning Up The Pond

This means we can spend our time doing things like enjoying family here visiting, taking day trips around the Bay, and relaxing in our new digs. It's been downright delightful after weeks of moving, packing, moving, unpacking, moving some more, also moving, and boxes, boxes, boxes.

IMG 1111

There are still boxes, and I've resolved that there will be for some time as we just have SO MUCH STUFF from merging two lives together plus all of the things from Bob that I'm not ready to sort through nor let go. Thankfully, we have a boatload o' storage here. We're using every square inch of it.

IMG 1162

We're also enjoying all of the room to play, hang out, and just be. It's been a godsend.

IMG 0919

You can't go wrong with hammock time, making playdough, and little bit of horseback riding to make the end of summer complete.

IMG 0754

Maybe a tour of the USS Hornet with the grandparents? All in all, a good summer.

Danger. Keep Away. #USSHornet #TourofHonorEscape Only34912

We'll get that stuff off the porch, eventually. Until then, we'll be enjoying our pink, glittery playdough and hanging out in the hammock for a spell.