Watcha Doin'?

Teenagers are awesome. I mean, they smell and stuff, but aside from that...well, they're also moody and have "issues," but really...aside from THAT, what's not to like? AMIRITE?

Except, you see, sometimes MY TEENEAGERS forget that not EVERY TEENAGER has a mom who blogs and monitors her child's online life LIKE A FUCKING HAWK and has SINCE THEY WERE WEE LITTLE ONES.

It's just how we roll in the califmomclan. We've always been a tech-savvy family. Our kids have been online from a VERY early age. We never feared it. It was a natural part of our lives, and it became a natural part of their lives.

HOWEVER, that's not always the case with their peers. And, as a parent, I thoroughly respect that. A parent has to be engaged at a certain level to manage a child's online life. If you aren't, it could mean disaster. If you are, you're probably just fine. Truly, it's just an extension of life, but you need to be someone who's paying attention.

So, when I walked into my daughter's room tonight and said, "Hey, what are you guys up to?" and she answered, "Setting up a Tumblr page for X."  My reply was, "Does her mom know?"

"No, but she'll probably be okay with it?"

"Does X have a Facebook page?"

"No, her mom thinks Facebook breaks computers."

"Okay, then you need to delete the Tumblr page."


And, the cool thing about my kid is that she understands that not every mom is me. Not every mom lives an online life. Not every mom has a job that affords her that luxury. She gets it, I think. But, just to be sure, I'll be checking. And, I'll be checking with the mom to let HER know. It takes a village and shit, you know?