So, The Thing About Me Is...

In college, you could always tell it was finals week by how clean my apartment would get. I could have had the Queen over for tea. I'm also fairly positive I chose finals week to refinish an antique dresser. Don't get me wrong, I still got great grades, I just procrastinate like a mother fucker.

Want proof? Check out my blog. Notice any changes?

Yeah, I thought my stress level was just about right for migrating nearly eight years worth of posts and three blogs (haven't moved the homeschooling site, yet, but you can see the others by clicking up there at the top on Finds and Reviews and Califmom, which is this one, duh, you knew that already) to a new blogging platform Friday afternoon.

Why? Because I thought Finslippy's site looked cool. And then I noticed it was hosted on Squarespace, which wasn't any more expensive for me than Typepad, plus I got sucked in by the pretty bells and whistles and OH SO SIMPLE design tools and back-end goodies that, well, yeah...that's what I did.

I avoided moving IRL by moving online, which was nearly as much of a white-knuckle experience, but for wholly different and much more palatable reasons.

I did lose some of the comments from my most recent post, which makes me sad, but that's the worst of the fallout as far as I can tell. I'll still be tweaking things of the next few weeks, so hang tight.

Otherwise, click and poke around. See what you think, but be gentle. I am a fragile flower lately. I swear I'll suit up in the armor again shortly.