Limbo: Can You Do That Dance?

Youngsters Roller Skating at Izzy-Dorry's Roll...Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr

I loved roller skating as a kid in the suburbs, but we moved to the country by the time I was ten, and that meant very little in the way of paved surfaces for my skates. So, the only skating I did was at the rink.

Some of us are old enough to remember the skating-rink culture of weekend nights: couples' skate, reverse skate, YMCA, and let's not forget, the limbo. I loved the limbo.

See, I'm kind I can still wrap my legs around my neck, and I passed forty over a year ago. At the time that skating was popular, I was into gymnastics and ballet. I spent more of my waking hours upside-down than right-side-up.

I watched TV upside-down, read books upside-down, and loved to do a trick called a fish-flop that resembled a flat-bodied forward summersault, belly-out, face turned to the side. I can only imagine that it was truly disturbing for the viewers as I strung a series of four of five fish-flops together on the front lawn or cleared out living room, expecting accolades upon completion.

But, the LIMBO. Oh. My. Gawd. Becky. The LIMBO? On skates? Sweet Jesus on toast. It was a glorious thing to behold. I could work this two ways. I could approach it by either arching back OR doing the SPLITS (only my MOST FAVORITE THING TO DO IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD when I was a kid)!!!

So much fun. I loved doing the limbo on skates. This could have been because I rarely got asked to do couples' skate, and I couldn't skate backwards for shit. But, ask me to do something freakishly bendy and bordering on circus-worthy? I was in.

The only problem with the limbo is that there are two versions. There's the dance/game and then there's BEING in limbo. Turns out I'm only fond of the game. Lately, life has involved a metric fuck ton of being in limbo and it's making me nutso.

I don't do well when my world is in limbo. In fact, these past few years have been pretty much a state of limbo. Bob's cancer had us living on the edge of uncertainty constantly. We couldn't plan for anything but the moment. Everything was a contingency plan. I'm all for impulsivity, I crave it, but only when the majority of my life is in order.

So, that's the present order of business. GET SHIT IN ORDER.

But first, a nap. Everybody knows a nap is the best way to get things started. Right?