Forget Opposites: I Found My Match

How do I know we're alike?

Well, we can't leave each other unattended for more than thirty minutes without one of us getting into trouble. I ran an errand only to return to find a tree pruned in an "unusual" manner and a satellite dish askew while you stood atop the roof checking the azimuth when we should have been leaving for dinner.

We love to talk. And tell stories. And listen to each other talk. This results in many lost hours. Talking. Listening. Never regretting the lost time, just wondering how it passes so quickly.

Cooking without recipes. Bread and butter pickles. Cold Cokes. No artificial sweeteners. Ever. Real butter. Snuggling in a tangled mess. Portmanteaus. Not camping.

But, big things too, like always checking in with each other emotionally. Communicating our needs, our fears, and all the little and big stuff that can break a relationship if you don't talk about it. That. I love that we do that. I love that we make time to do that and make it a priority.

And I love that we laugh. A lot. That we find humor everywhere. That we teach our kids to find the lighter side. Life is too short to let it knock you on your ass every day. You have to laugh and laugh hard. I love laughing with you.

Forget Opposites: I Found My Match