PR Pitch And Miss: Eat What?

As a blogger I get pitches for products. Companies want space on my blog. They want me to link to their latest whirligig in hopes that my readers will clamor to their site and eat it up. They usually go about this by sending me an a heartfelt email that begins:

Dear Califmom Blogger

Of course, this wins me over, immediately. Who wouldn't be touched by such a personal approach.

But today, I got one that topped all others. It linked to a video. Here's why you should be interested in their offering:

1. You already eat boogers.

2. You already eat your cuticles.

3. You already suck blood from your wounds.

Therefore, it follows you'd want to eat yet another product produced from the human body's fluids/parts and pay money to do so. Somebody else's in this case.

Pardon me while I go vomit. And no, I'm not providing the link.