Gallbladder Gone: Pictures Of Other Stuff

I survived. It's gone. I look a little like I got punched in the gut and feel like I did about 100 sit-ups, which is hilarious if you know me because I don't really *do* exercise like that. It's so dangerous. I mean, people die exercising. Runner, Drops Dead! You read about it all the time. Plus, the sweat? Who can be bothered? If I sweat, it's going to be for something FUN. Or dirty. Like gardening.

This might explain the looseness in my ass, but we'll address that some other time. When I care. Until then, let's look at some pretty pictures, and I'll just wear some high heels around the house to help tone my ass until I feel like exercising.

A huge thank you goes out to my chauffeur the day of my surgery. She was stellar in every way. My extended family has also been wonderful helping with Bug, and Peanut has been a first-rate nurse.

Now, some photos. Just because I'm going a little stir-crazy up in here.

Great-grandmother's lamp

I can't lift anything heavy for a couple weeks, so I'm stuck photographing things around the house. Bear with me.

Some freak from the Internet sent me flowers. Thanks, freak. They're purdy.

Although, I did get out for a quick visit to San Francisco when my friend, Heather, was in town just before my surgery. Here are a couple of photos from our dinner. I have a hard time resisting Art Deco decor. And light fixtures, apparently.

Deco light