Needy And Me: Oil And Water

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I'm not sure if it's a character flaw or what, but I can't do needy people. I can do people in need. I can do people in crisis. I can do depressed or sad or angry, but not needy.

But, when someone offers you help, take action. Be proactive with your crisis. DO SOMETHING. I can respect that. I can work with that. I can do solution-oriented thinking. I can even do a good bitch session. There just has to be forward momentum. Same wallow, different day. Hell no.

If somebody spends their time in a victimized, helpless, clingy state, I get impatient. I get angry. I get turned off. I want to find a squeegee to GET THEM OFF ME.

The whining; it hurts me.

And, if you think I'm talking about you, I probably am, but I'm probably also talking about somebody else. I seem to be a NEEDY MAGNET right now. 

I have been known to tell even my children to nut/twat up. I'm not above a good wallow, but make sure it's temporary. (If you're not sure if it's gone on too long, pry your head out for a bit a take a look around.) 

The world, she keeps spinning whether you decide to join the rotation or not.

Needy is not sexy. It will not get the girl. It will not win friends nor influence people. It will not make you the life of the party. It will not make you the center of attention. Hell, it won't even make people like you.

Needy will make you the person people hide from at parties, if they invite you at all. It will make you the kinds of friends who feel sorry for you instead of friends who respect you. It will waste inordinate amounts of your time in your head instead of enjoying life or doing something other than being NEEDY.

I don't know how to fix needy, but for the love of stinky cheeses, figure it out folks. I like you, I do. I just can't do the NEEDY thing.