There are gremlins in my tires. And my washing machine. Possibly the kids. It's really the only explanation. Or maybe science. Could be science.

I prefer gremlins.

The low-air pressure light came on in my car that let's me know the tires need air, or are flat, or maybe the weather has cooled off and my car hates me, or there are gremlins.

I prefer gremlins.

DSC 0314 2

This is not a gremlin. This is Abe wearing a Santa hat.

Abe makes me feel better. He's festive, he likes to party, but he never gets out of hand because, well,

he's only a bust; his lack of legs really limits his ability to tear shit up.

Everybody needs an "Abe."

Once, when Bob was still alive, we were on our way to a chemo appointment and the A/C in my car stopped working. We looked at each other and simultaneously said, "Shit, guess this means we're going to have to buy a new car." It's not that we didn't know how to get it fixed, it was just that kind of thing. That kind of stress. That kind of moment in time. I never did get the A/C fixed. It mostly fixed itself. Or something.

I prefer gremlins.

DSC 0316 2

These are also not gremlins, but I do question whether or not gremlins were

involved in their current placement because WTF? Is there a frat house near the manger?

My washing machine started singing a song tonight that is different from the song it normally sings. Something about Korean appliances—they sing the loveliest songs when they want you to know things, even things like, "Hey, there's a potential water leak happening somewhere inside your washing machine, and you need to call a repair person during the holidays to get our here and fix it even though you have a houseful of guests." The boyfriend and I looked at it. We restarted it. It seems to be working. I don't know why.

Probably gremlins.

DSC 0359 2

This? This is a 15-year-old trying to imitate the people on the Xbox 360

Box because he will still do things to make his mother laugh.

Our ice maker stopped working for a couple months. It started working again about a week ago.


The requisite 1.75 children are currently sick in our household because 1.75 children are always sick in a children-possessing household prior to a holiday. It is written, therefore it shall be law.


Clearly. Or, perhaps, the common cold.

I prefer gremlins.


There is a VERY strong possibility this is a gremlin.