Day 7: Operation Eleanor - Just Doing It

Sometimes the hardest part of the day, the biggest fear, is just getting out of bed. That was today's fear to conquer.

I've been fighting some kind of bug, I feel like crap, and I needed to go finish some work on the house today for our renter to be able to move in. It would have been so much easier to pass the buck, have my boyfriend do it by himself (he's awesome that way), and just stay in bed. It's hard enough to go to the house when I'm feeling well.

Instead, I pulled it together, and managed to go to the house and help do what needed to be done. It really is hard to keep me away from power tools.



Favorite Things #bettertogether

Well, power tools might be a euphemism. Let's be honest. We've already established I have a fondness for the man's tools.


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