Day 4: Operation Eleanor: New Career

Today's leap into the arena of my fears involved taking the first steps to start my new career. It's a field that has interested me for decades and will allow me to maintain the flexible schedule I need to raise my family. I will need to get some additional coursework done, but it should be pretty easy to complete. Until I'm up and running, I'll keep the major details under wraps. But, it is important that I have something to carry me into the future after the kids are grown, and I think this will be the kind of career that will do that. It's scary because I haven't been employed in a full-time capacity since my daughter was born. For those playing along at home, that's thirteen years. Sure, I've done a lot of consulting gigs and part-time things, but that was to supplement what my husband was providing for our family.

What did you do today?

Objectified in the mirror. Closer than I appear.