Day 19 & Day 21: Operation Eleanor - Letting It Be And Changing It Up

On the 19th day of Operation Eleanor, I sat on my hands and practiced letting the abuse post stay posted. Sometimes the hardest thing about having a blog is letting things stay out there in the world because it is so very easy to delete them. Unlike a novel or a printed article, I can hit a button a 'poof,' the immediate evidence of the post is gone. Sure, it can be found if somebody wants to find it, but it isn't still sitting there in its usual place. With uncomfortable posts, or controversial subjects, it can be very tempting to make them go away. I don't want to do that even though it would be easier. It won't make the memories go away. It won't mean it didn't happen. It will mean I'm trying to hide it, and that means I am allowing myself to be a victim, which I don't want.

On the 21st day, today, I made a change to something simple. It's easy to keep things the same. It's easy to stay in our comfort zone with things, especially our looks. Today, I changed my hair a bit. A splash of new color is woven through my do. It was time for something new.

New Do