Day 15: Operation Eleanor - Down With OPI

Yeah, I know it's not what Eleanor Roosevelt had in mind, but the fear I faced today was painting my own nails. I suck at it. I normally shell out money to have somebody else do it. Today, I managed to no only remove the Gelish polish all by myself, but I even sat outside while the Boyfriend worked on building the loft bed and painted my nails all fancy-like. Officially, they are a combination of What's a Tire Jack? and Never Enough Shoes. Then, there's a faux French matte finish tip done with Barielle Matte-inee. I don't hate it. They are a bit wonky and not as perfect as I'd like. I will hate how fast it chips compared to the Gelish polishes I have done at the salon, though. So, we'll see how long I tolerate it before I take it off.

Nails done did.

Not every fear you face has to be enormous! What fear did you face today?