Day 13: Operation Eleanor - Old And New

This will come as a resounding shock to some people, but not to others. I can be shy. Extremely shy. I know. Hard to believe is you've seen me dance on stage, convert a quiet bar into a night club scene, or speak in front of a large audience (strangers or peers). But I am, at heart, shy. Meeting new people or even climbing outside my box of comfort to say hello to old friends or even family when I'm happily ensconced in my world isn't always high on my list.

Today, I did a little of both, and it was wonderful.

In between, I stuck my head out the window of the car and took some pictures. I think that's my way of settling my nerves. I like framing the world with the lens.









This is our fearless copilot, Dashboard Monk. He gets a little jittery, at times, but never loses that collected look.