Drunk Kitchens And Hebrew Hammers

Wrapped up a great Friday of doing not much and just enjoying the hell out of it. It was a day spent enjoying my favorite guy and having what might be described as entirely too much fun.

Slept late.

Bagels and coffee in bed as we listened to the rain.

Hot tub time just as the rain let up.

Lovin' and nappin'.

Silly pictures of teenagers being, well, teenagers.

DSC 0225

DSC 0233

DSC 0235

DSC 0228

(It might be hard to believe, but that goofy looking boy made a bechamel sauce for dinner after that ridiculous set of poses. And that girl, along with Peanut, made a delicious batch of brownies.)

Tasty sandwiches from Mr. Pickles. In bed. Because OMG everything is better in bed, especially while watching Ridiculousness and new episodes of Beavis and Butthead.

Taking teenagers to Best Buy. Okay, that part wasn't as much fun as the other parts, but it was pretty fun because we watched key episodes of My Drunk Kitchen during the process, a show which makes me want to cook, eat, and oddly enough, drink.

Started to watch Hebrew Hammer, but got too tired to finish it, so we'll do that another time.