There's A Cougar In My Car: Meet NavaHo

I get bored with the usual GPS systems. They have that robotic voice or a boring set of voices to choose from. They get bossy. I talk back. They keep telling me what to do. I keep talking back.

Have I mentioned I don't take direction well?

Yeah, so anyway…my GPS is an app, which makes it oh so handy for things like walking around in unfamiliar cities or driving in rental cars because I always have my phone with me. Super convenient.

It's also convenient because adding little features like a new voice are cheap and quick.

This week, I got to exploring to see what was available for NavaHo (I call her NavaHo. It's her pet name. She likes it. Don't judge.) and stumbled upon THE BEST VOICE EVER for a GPS.

It's called The Cougar. Yeah, not the cat. It's a sultry woman giving directions in a semi-southern drawl and it is so damn fun and funny that the boyfriend and I have taken to going off course on purpose just to hear what she'll say.

The only thing that could make it better is if it made the phone vibrate. Dudes must be driving around with perma-wood if they've got this installed. Nice job, MotionX, y'all nailed it on this one.