Fearless: How We Do

I hated middle school. In fact, I rarely find an adult who didn’t. My children have been homeschooled the past couple years, by their own choice. This year, my daughter has decided she’d like to go to public middle school. Seventh grade. On purpose. I support her decision 100%. Why? Because she needs to do this.

Here’s the thing, though. On the first day of school, most of us, myself included, usually did our best to blend in, especially in middle school. You wanted to wear what everyone else was wearing, make sure your hair looked like everyone else’s hair, same shoes, same backpack, all that shit. Not my kid. Wonder where she got that from?

She has different priorities. Not only will she know not one single kid when she sets foot on campus, she wants to make sure she stands out, looks different and makes a statement. She is fearless. Today we spent the afternoon getting her hair dyed purple—part of her master plan. (I swear, I’ve made her watch Mean Girls.)


She has clearly adopted her father’s attitude that if you don’t like her, there’s something wrong with you. And, there just might be a little bit of her mother in there, too--that part that doesn’t give a shit what other people think, although it took me longer than middle school to get to that point.

She and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on everything. We make mistakes. I screw up. She screws up. It’s part of being a family and human. But, we talk about it. We work on it.  And, hopefully, we learn from our mistakes and make things better as we go along. I do know, I wouldn’t pick any other kid to be my daughter. This one’s a keeper.


I love you, Peanut.