More Than Shoes And Dresses: Time To Pay It Forward

Bob and I had this thing. We didn’t mind sharing what we had. If we could help someone or make someone’s life better, we’d do it. You didn’t have to ask; it’s just what we did. We weren’t rich, we didn’t have a lot to give, but the little we had, when we had it, we were more than happy to share. Sometimes we’d just look at each other and know it was the right time to give. Sometimes the other person would do it without asking. We were never upset with each other about it. Not once. We never expected to be paid back by the person we helped. That’s not why you give.

Since we’ve been talking about red shoes and red dresses, it’s fitting that I’m going to talk now about a red car.

IMG_4435 It’s not a perfect car. It needs work. Sometimes it runs. More often it doesn’t. But, it’s a fun car, a red car, a car that was born the same year as me.

Bob and I decided before he died that the car would go to someone special in our lives. I’ve talked about her here this week. Her life’s been a bit of a piece of shit, especially this past year. She deserves this red car a whole lot.

So, today, that’s what happened. We had our version of the Make-a-Wish Foundation…for people over the age of 18 who still have wishes.

Even though we had to push it a good part of the way home, my girl has her red car. I can’t wait to see her driving it around town, using the actual gas pedal and stuff. (Thanks for the push, Jack!)