This Club, It Didn't Need Another Member

But, it got one. Fuck. It got one yesterday.

My heart dropped when I read Jason’s tweet.

I felt my fingers on the keyboard again.

Typing those letters that would let my friends know…

“He’s Gone.”

I saw the wave of love on Twitter and Tumblr start for Jason like it did for me, and I hoped that it was providing him with some of the comfort it provided me to know that thousands of people from all over the world were thinking about me and my family and sending us more love than you can imagine.

I hope he feels that. He needs to feel that.

He also needs another kind of support. If you’re able, if you can give up your latte or beer for today, or maybe more, please help Jason so he can do the most important thing he needs to be doing right now—let him grieve the loss of his wife.

Click here to lend your support to: Gorillasushi Relief Fund and make a donation at !

You all donated so generously to my family. I’m paying it forward now. I hope you’ll join me.