The Meaning Of The Butterfly Is Revealed


Image by califmom via Flickr


My husband was raised Catholic. He attended Catholic school until eighth grade, made first communion, confirmation, and didn’t leave the church until just before we were married. At that point, he became Protestant. When he knew he was dying and we were making his funeral plans, one thing he wanted to do for his family was to have a Catholic mass. It was his gift to them. It was a beautiful gift.

Bob and I had never met Father Gus before Bob passed. I had no idea exactly what he’d say during his homily. As I sat between my children with Janell just to the other side of us, Father started to tell a story about butterflies and caterpillars.

I quickly looked over at Janell through tears and a smile. Father continued on. “On Earth we are the caterpillars climbing the stalk of the plant trying to reach the leaf. In Heaven we become butterflies.” Or something to that effect…my mind was a little fuzzy, but that was the gist of what he was saying. Caterpillars here. Butterflies in heaven.

I cannot explain the peace that came over me. I got my sign. I think we all want a sign from our loved ones when they pass. Whether you believe in signs or not, you want that comfort from knowing that things will be alright. I had my butterfly.