We Interrupt This Butterfly Story To Bring You A Kidnapping Story (A Good One, I Swear)

I was in the middle of telling you all about the butterfly when I was pleasantly interrupted by a surprise. Seems my friends had planned a kidnapping of sorts for me and the kids for Mother’s Day so that I wouldn’t be sitting home alone curled up in the fetal position or rocking on the bottom of the shower floor – at least not at home or alone.

Instead, Saturday morning, just as two of my friends were preparing to leave my house to return home, I saw what I thought was another friend’s car drive by. Odd, I thought, because she lives a couple hours away in Pacific Grove (Monterey Bay for the non-Californians reading along). A few minutes later, as my friends were loading up to leave, we were saying our goodbyes in my kitchen, and in walks Kim and her daughter.

And off the kids and I went for a weekend of pampering and changing tidesplaying at their house in PG. play timeEverything had been taken care of, right down to the house-sitting and pet-sitting back home. All we had to do was throw our stuff in suitcases and jump in their car.Mother's Day

The kids had a great time playing togetherNerf healsand I got to take my mind off of paperwork and bills for a couple days, and just enjoy being with my kids and friends.

Peanut on the beach

Mother’s Day was still hard, especially stumbling across my recent anniversary card from Bob in my suitcase that day. I hadn’t taken the time to clean out the bag before I threw my stuff in. The last time I’d used it we had gone away overnight to Marin to see David Sedaris for our 15th wedding anniversary. It seems like a lifetime ago, not last fall. Reading his handwriting and words to me made my heart stop, but they lifted me up, too. His love reached me, once again – keeping that promise to watch over me.

I cannot thank my friends enough for making this weekend getaway happen. It was an absolute godsend and I would never have taken the initiative to do it myself with everything that’s going on. You all are my angels. I love you.