Immeasurable Love: Strength Of Multitudes

Bob is the youngest of six children. He is the favorite son, the favorite brother, favorite uncle, best friend, and center of my world.

Yet, somehow, all that love didn't make him "spoiled" -- it made him capable to love and give and be the generous person who can rally the multitudes in love and thought and prayers of healing.

The "ifs" are bigger. The abyss is deeper and darker, but the hands reaching out to catch him are plentiful.

Two days ago we were told he would not be going home again. Today, we were told, he may go home this weekend because he's become so stable.

Two nights ago, his heart rate was 160. Nothing was bringing it down. Then, I posted to my blog and hundreds, thousands of you started to pray and send Bob your positive thoughts and love. By the wee hours of the morning, his heart rate was in the high 90s to low 100s.

All I'm saying is that this boy is not ready to go. Not yet. And we're not ready to let go.

Immeasurable Love: Strength Of Multitudes