Inspired And Inspiring

We’re home.

The weight is lifted. A conscious decision has been made. That’s what this is – a choice. Bob has chosen to listen to his body and let it rest, seek comfort, and be home for as long as possible.

A dignified choice.

His body may respond in a number of ways. It may decline rapidly, it may welcome the break from all of the chemo, antibiotics, and rally enough to come off hospice to receive treatment, or it may find some magical unicorn juju and surprise us all.

What I do know is that the energy surrounding us shifted tremendously once we came to the decision that we were ready for this choice. Peace is settling in. Maybe it’s temporary, but it is a welcome calm if it is preceding a storm.

Since we’ve come home from the hospital, we’ve met with the hospice nurse (a most wonderful experience I’ll save for another post), had a priest whom Bob used to golf with visit for a blessing (another awesome moment in this journey), and we’ve tried to get caught up on just the tip of the iceberg of the inspirational things you all have been doing for us or because of us. I spend much of the day in awe.

I wish there was an easy way to connect all of these inspiring works together into one place so you could see and experience them. Now that we’re home and I’m blogging from my laptop instead of my phone, I’ll try to do a better job of sharing some of them here. Something about blogging on an iPhone while trying to fall asleep on the chofa in the dark just didn’t lend itself to quality links and things. But, I digress.

One kickass inspirational thing that I happened upon today, I just had to share. It’s a song and slideshow by Chanelle Richardson of IAMCHANELLE. The song is called Know Now (orig. by Katie Herzig). She dedicated it to us after reading this post. It, and the slideshow – she’s also a photographer – are phenomenal. See for yourselves. She inspires me.

know now from chanelle richardson on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out her blog. Seriously. This woman dropped this song on a whim. Yeah. Um. I sing in a the car. To the radio. After someone else writes and records the music. We all have our talents, and she has certainly found hers and blessed us by sharing it. Thank you, Chanelle.