Snapshots Of Cancer

To pass the time.

Surgery Status Board at Stanford

To stay focused.

Holding On

To remember moments.

Watching his Stories

To document progress and setbacks.

Day Transplant Was Postponed

I take pictures of our days.

They’re almost always taken with my iPhone, so the quality is not great, but that’s not the point (see above).

Out the Car Window

Rarely are they posed.


The angles are odd, like my life…crooked, mixed up, confusing.

Not Again

Surprising things show up in some of the shots…things I wasn’t expecting, some good, some not. Like our life.

Lost in Space

And I take pictures of the love, even the kind that arrives in the mail from far-away friends.

Love in a Box

Oh, and food, because I’ve become Bob’s personal Make-A-Wish Foundation when it comes to his culinary desires.

Pair o' Floats

I don’t have a picture of his CT from this week, but the unofficial word is that Bob’s tumor that was of the greatest concern is shrinking thanks to the radiation he started receiving. We’ll be meeting with the doctor at Stanford next week to discuss how to proceed.

Thank you all for your prayers, messages, care packages, meals, entertaining our kids, and, and, and…you leave me overwhelmed by your awesomeness. We wouldn’t be here without you.