I Can’t Quit You?

We met with Dr. W today. He said the palpable tumor in Bob’s neck feels smaller. I believe him. I am cautiously optimistic. I am also scared shitless that maybe it’s just wishful thinking – that we all want so desperately for the tumor to be smaller we can’t help but think it is.

IMG_3188Fuck it. We’ll go with it. It’s smaller.

Bob’s blood counts are holding for now. Bendamustine is known for knocking white blood cells down hard and fast, so Dr. W is being cautious. Bob got to skip today’s neupogen shot, but only because his counts were well-above normal. Tomorrow I’ll be giving my first neupogen shot. we’ll give him another over the weekend, along with his daily lovenox shots to keep his blood thin (clots from the lymphoma or the Hickman port – not sure which).

Next week, he’ll go back for daily blood work to monitor for tumor lysis, drops in red and white blood counts, liver and kidney function, and all the good stuff. If all goes well, he’ll be able to receive another cycle of chemo within 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.

The other topic of conversation with Dr. W was Dr. Waffle Cone and our lack of success in firing his ass. It seems Stanford frowns upon you canning your doctor even after your doctor quits you. Huh.

Since we only need Dr. Waffle Cone’s brain, not his winning personality, and Dr. W has agreed to let Dr. Waffle Cone know his “compassion” was less-than-present if and when we make it back to that mahogany-walled institution, we’re fine with taking the high road on this one. Besides, how often do you get to use a man for his brains and not his body? Amirite, ladies?