Wee Hours Update

After Heart/Lung DrainThis is the first time I’ve been online on my laptop in eons, it seems. My son has the charger for my laptop, so I’m stealing my friend’s power supply for a bit to get enough juice to sync my phone and get caught up a little.

First off, we’re home. My God, does that ever feel good. We both nearly kissed the sidewalk when we got out of the car. It made us realize just how long the hospital stay for the transplant could/might/will feel.

On that note, we fired Dr. Waffle Cone today. After discussing his behavior and tone with some of our doctors and nurses at Kaiser, we were advised to can his ass. We’re letting our Kaiser transplant coordinator handle the actual logistics of that process because we felt it was 1) important she know what had transpired and 2) one of the reasons we have a transplant coordinator. We suggested a couple of other transplant doctors there we’d be happy to work with, just not Dr. WC. I believe I may have said, “We’re happy to work with anyone who understands my husband wants to pursue aggressive treatment and doesn’t appreciate being encouraged to go home and die.”

Bob’s inpatient chemo went smooth as butter. That boy loves him some chemo. Bob will now have daily blood draws and neupogen injections to boost his white blood cell counts as bendamustine is apparently notorious for killing the immune system in short order. Let’s hope it kills some tumors in the process.

We’ll meet with Dr. W (not to be confused with Dr. Waffle Cone) next week to follow up, I believe. Hard to keep track of all these appointments, new meds administered (I must have input 10-12 new medications into the iPhone app I use to track Bob’s chemo & medications just this past 3 days), etc.

Keep those prayers and cancer-killing vibes coming. We cannot thank you all enough. The myriad ways you support us continues to be a fountain of strength for our family.

And now, because I am downright exhausted and so damn happy to be sleeping somewhere other than a dialysis chair with my body folded into the shape of a taco, I’m going to crawl into bed with my husband.