The December Moms

When I was pregnant with my son, I joined an email list for women due in December of 1996.

I started blogging six years ago because of a December Mom. She had cervical cancer. Many of you think I’m strong. Karine was a fucking rock. I miss her, and I’m so fortunate to have her memory to inspire me.

Tonight, one of the women from the December Moms (who happens to live locally) dropped off dinner for my family and a giant gift bag filled with goodies and cards from other moms and kids from our group.

Like, forklift-required giant. This picture shows mostly the cards. There were games, a cookbook from Whole Foods, teas, gourmet chocolates, wines, a gift card, bath goodies, comfy socks, boxers for Bob, and a shitload of love pouring out of that bag.

Care Package 

We’re spread all over the world, but when one of us is hurting, we all feel it.

I love you guys. My family and I thank you.